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Heftee Industries manufacturers commercial mower lifts that are very high quality and long lasting. The commercial mower lifts that Heftee builds come in three models based on your need.

2000 : Model 2000 Lift

The Heftee Model 2000 lift is an industry leader in power equipment repair centers around the world. The Model 2000 is designed for lifting power equipment up to 2000 lbs.

250 : Model 250

Lifts up to 250 pounds up to 48" in seconds. The workstation affords convenient positioning of the equipment at a comfortable working height for the service technician. Equipment can be rotated 360 degrees, providing optimum visibility and access.

4000 : Model 4000 Lift

The Heftee Model 4000 Lift is the industry standard in power equipment repair centers when lifting up to 4,000 pounds up to 6 feet into the air in 45 seconds. Fully adjustable for a variety of wheelbases.

Heftee Industries is located in St. Charles, IL and specializes in the highest quality commercial mower lifts. Our lifts are designed for mowers that are used for commercial purposes. Our lifts are built to last for many years under normal commercial mower service and maintenance settings.
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