Heftee manufactures Specialty Lawnmower Lifts for Small Engine Equipment.

Heftee Industries is a leader in the manufacturing of lawnmower lifts for power and lawn service equipment.  Heftee lawnmower and power equipment lifts provide complete under-equipment access, adjust to any wheelbase, can lift the smallest to largest riding mower or utility vehicle, all the while being engineered to be freestanding and easily installed or relocated around the shop.  Choose Heftee lawnmower lifts for your service center needs. Quality, durability, efficiency and safety, choose only Heftee lawnmower lifts for your service center. 


Heftee Small Equipment and Lawnmower Lifts

Heftee Table 1000 Lawnmower Lifts Image
Heftee Table Lift 1000

A Versatile very mobile utility lawnmower lift!

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Heftee Model 2000 Lawnmower Lifts Image
Heftee Model 2000

The Heftee Model 2000 leads the industry in service repair centers worldwide.

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Heftee Model 250 Lawnmower Lifts Image
Heftee Model 250

The Heftee Model 250 lawnmower lift is very versatile, quickly lifts 250 lbs with 360° rotation!

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Heftee manufactures state of the art engineered lawnmower lifts for all of your small outdoor and lawn care equipment.

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